Ruby Laser

I don't have the necessary materials yet I just did some more or less complex tests there is fluorescence in abundance so the result will be great.
Before the disgraceful Ukrainian war began, Ebay was full of ruby rods for sale, a legacy of the old Soviet world, Russia produced rubies in abundance and Ukraina the lamps to make them work, too bad we decided to shoot each other after becoming little by little strangers, a war between brothers, it happens...
However, I did make time to get two nice rubies, one of which is very unusual, which I put here in these images, the conformation the brewster angle cut allows me to have an already polarized emission and a greater gain, but for counterpart, the configuration to work is definitely more elaborate and complex.
It takes very little to stimulate fluorescence (mind you not emission there is a big difference), which makes me think that they can once put in the right structure be very efficient.


Before emission


In full emission