01 - Identità

            05a Picture password

            05b Password overview
            06a Homegroup

            06b Workgroups

            06c Domains

            06d Secure Channel


Sideload in powershell

import-module appx

add-appxpackage "Path"

add-appxpackage "Path" DependencyPath "DepPath"


Service of a win image
Dism (/image_path) /online (Dism global opions) (Serv- options)  (Serv. arguments)

Service an appx
Dism (/image_path) /Add-ProvisionedAppPackage /Remove-PRovisonedAppPackage /Set-ProvisionedAppxDataFile

Service of a running image
Dism /Online /Get-ProvisionedAppPackage /Add-ProvisionedAppPackage /Remove-PRovisonedAppPackage /Set-ProvisionedAppxDataFile

Virtual Smart Card



Tpmvscmgr create [/name] [/AdminKey DEFAULT | PROMPT | RANDOM] [/PIN DEFAULT | PROMPT] [/PUK DEFAULT | PROMPT] [/generate] [/machine] [/?]

Tpmvscmgr destroy [/instance <instance ID>] [/?]

TpmVscMgr create /name MyVSC /pin default /adminkey random /generate

Ottenere lista certificati anche di una macchina remota

Get-Certificate -Computername 'boe-pc' -StoreName My -StoreLocation  LocalMachine

 Get-Certificate -Computername 'boe-pc' -StoreName My -StoreLocation  LocalMachine -Subject '*Boe*'