Everything is born from the passion for stars, below you will find links to the Valbossa astrovia site and the commemorative one of the GAD/AVA group, the original sites are now deleted and forgotten, in this site I summarize a bit of history, from the GAD (Gruppo Astrofili Daveriesi) to its heir the AVA (Associazione Valbossa Astrofili) until closing activities.
The first small group GAD was born spontaneously organizing the first events in Daverio, then in an attempt to enlarge, the AVA was born, when we began to have attention towards Azzate as well for observations and events, so we expanded and became AVA, with the hope to grow and prosper in a larger area and expectations (and funding).
The history of the two groups unfolds over the 15 or so years of observations meetings and many moments spent together with our noses to the sky.


Sometimes the initiatives have managed to involve a few hundred people, definitely a record at times, for such a small and young group, and then let's not forget one particular thing like the Astrovia, which was managed to be done, but unfortunately today it is quite forgotten financially, hopefully it will be remedied somehow. One thing is certain this country does things and then does not allocate the money to do maintenance.

Although at times we dreamed big and the participants were a fair number, but not so large as to secure a certain future.

Both were groups limited by those factors that unfortunately afflict groups of modest size, while a large group with economic resources can last over time and there is turnover, groups with a limited number of participants are more subject to the wear and tear of time, family commitments, fatigue of some participants, other various factors limit their duration and existence.
However, the balance remains positive because we still managed to enliven and keep interest in astronomy high for so many years in our area, so these words remain for future memory, good work after all, nothing was lost or thrown away!

The final consideration is that it is convenient to merge into large groups and give strength to realities such as the observatory of Sacro Monte in Varese, so that the labors of the unforgettable Fury will not be dispersed or lost.

Sharing passions is in my opinion, the best way to enhance them, for oneself and for others, from sharing the greatest utility for all.

Don't panic ! 42!